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Can I sell things I have made using your patterns ?

Yes, I would love for you to be able to make a profit and run a business using my designs. You may use them to make finished items for gifts, personal use, and items you sell. You cannot sell the pattern and instructions itself or give / share the pattern with anyone else.

How do I download my PDF sewing pattern after I complete my purchase ?

The order will be emailed immediately to you after your purchase with links to download each pattern. When logged in, you can also access your order history by clicking 'My Account' at the top right of your screen. Then you will click the order number you want to download. Once you have the order opened, you will click on 'Download Here', then you can download your file(s).

How do I print a PDF Sewing Pattern?

First, open your PDF pattern with the latest version of Adobe Reader. Read the Printing Instruction pages thoroughly before printing to be sure you are printing the pattern correctly, as some patterns vary. Print on 8½ x 11" letter for domestic customers or A4 sized paper for international customers. It is very important not to scale or fit any of the pattern piece pages. You must print the pattern piece pages in actual size. Your pattern will print on multiple pages, which you will then tile together using tape or glue sticks. Depending on your pattern, the amount of pages will vary. Some smaller patters are only 8 pages and larger ones can be anywhere from 20-30! However, don't worry, these pages are easily pieced together to assemble your pattern. Each pattern includes a pattern assembly diagram for you to easily reference while you are putting it together.

When printing your pattern, it is smart to find the page that has the test squares and print this page first by itself to check the measurement and print out is correct. Scroll down through the PDF pages until you see the test square and make a note what page number it is on. Then in printing options under "Pages", indicate the page number that it was on. Measure the sides of the test square with a ruler. This will help ensure that the pattern will be printed at the proper scale. If you find it is not correct when you measure, go back and read the instructions again to be sure your printer settings are in alignment with what is instructed. Try again.

How to piece together PDF Pattern Pieces

Ellie and Mac originally had trim pages for our pattern pages. That means that the patterns printed inside a frame and the side and bottom of that frame needed to be trimmed away using scissors or a dull rotary cutter before taping or gluing together.
Here is a video on how the trimless pages are pieced together. All new patterns are drafted on trimless pattern pages.

Here is a video on how the trim pages are pieced together. Older patterns have this format. We are in the process of updating all the older patterns. You will be able to download the update easily from your account when they are released.

Is seam allowance already included in your patterns?

Yes, seam allowance is already included in all of our sewing patterns. No need for you to do any extra work to add it in. Enjoy!

How To Use Layers Printing Feature in Adobe Acrobat ?

The layers printing feature is a excellent way to save ink and keep nested patterns from being too confusing to follow the lines well. This feature allows you to print only the sizes that you want or need to print. For example, you could print only the size large if that is the size you need or the sizes that you need to blend instead of printing all of the lines you don't need.

To do this, you will need to open your pattern in the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and click on the stack of paper looking icon on the left side of the screen. This is the Layers Tab. This will open file and you can click the + sign next to it if it is not already opened in list form. The list will include all the layers that are available to view. Each size and a few layers that need to be always turned on are visible. There is an eye icon on the left side of each layer. To turn off the layer, simply click the eye and it will remove that layer from the pattern. Keep the sizes checked that you need and always keep all the layers that say KEEP CHECKED turned on.
Now you are ready to print. Print according to the printing instructions in the pattern as some vary.
Here is a short video to show you how to use the layers feature.

Besides a sewing machine and materials, do I need anything else to use your PDF sewing patterns?
You will need a home printer and letter or A4 paper to print your pattern pages. If you are using the A0 copy shop file, you will need to have that file printed locally or order it from an online source. If you are piecing your pattern pages together, you will need tape or a glue stick.

What if my file doesn't work or there is an error?

If you have an error or can't get your pattern to download or open, I am more than happy to help you correct the issue and get it working for you. Try to fix this yourself by deleting the first file and then downloading the pattern again. See if this fixes the error. If not, I will help you to get it working. Please send me a message and I will get back with you as soon as I am able.
What is a PDF Sewing Pattern ?

A PDF sewing pattern is a sewing pattern you buy online and is sent to by email. Depending on where you purchase the pattern, it will either come to you as an email attachment or a link to a page where you would open the document and then save it to your computer. Once downloaded, you can print it out on your home printer using regular ink and letter paper for domestic or A4 for international customers. You then piece the pattern together with tape or glue and cut out as you would a normal pattern. Often PDF sewing patterns have a better fit than paper patterns from large companies due to the many hours put in testing the pattern out on various sized children or adults to get the fit just right. Most PDF sewing patterns are designed by independent pattern designers and support small business.

What is an A0 File and how do I print it?

An A0 file is a pattern you get printed on one - two large sheets of paper at a local copy shop like Fedex or Staples. This eliminates the time to sit and tape together pattern pages. For a great read on how to print these and save money by ordering them online, read Sew Liberated's Blog post here. It is a short read and well worth the time.